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100% pure essential oils and floral waters

Rosemary ct verbenon essential oil organic 5ml

Rosmarin ct verbenon Öl Bio 5ml
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  • Rosmarin ct verbenon Öl Bio
100% pure Rosemary ct verbenon essential oil organic (Rosmarinus officinalis) Origin: France,... more
Product information "Rosemary ct verbenon essential oil organic 5ml"
100% pure Rosemary ct verbenon essential oil organic (Rosmarinus officinalis)
Origin: France, from certified organic cultivation
Extraction: Steam distillation

Scent: fiery, aromatic, invigorating, intensely herbaceous, warm, stimulating
The rosemary can be found on the sunny slopes around the Mediterranean.
It is one of the oldest known medicinal plants that was venerated as a sacred plant in ancient times. Its name comes from the Latin "ros marinus", which means something like "dew of the sea". Rosemary is also a popular spice that many people know from the kitchen.
Athletes stay fit longer if the muscles have been rubbed warm with a massage oil that contains rosemary oil before exercising. Rosemary oil is antiseptic and also stimulates blood circulation.
Used externally, it increases blood circulation and, for example, relieves muscle pain. The scent of rosemary oil is warm, stimulating and invigorating. It is therefore often used as a men's fragrance. Rosemary oil is a component of "Eau de Cologne", as well as of many skin and hair care products.
Effect on the psyche: strengthens self-confidence, increases drive, awakens the will to live
Application tip:
Hair shampoo for dandruff, muscle pain, poor eyesight, wound healing, strengthens and invigorates the entire organism, stimulant for nerves and brain, strongly promotes blood circulation, edema, rheumatism, gout, muscle pain, as a heart and liver tonic
Recommendation for a massage oil: Rosemary oil is an excellent means of warming up the muscles before exercise. It is therefore an ideal preparation for sporting activities: 4 drops on 1 tbsp sesame oil.
Hair care recommendation The use of rosemary for scalp problems has a long tradition. Rosemary oil is useful for dandruff and hair loss due to its blood circulation stimulating and cleansing properties. Industrially manufactured hair care products also contain rosemary oil.
Fragrance lamp: With a cold, cough and flu, rosemary oil allows you to breathe more easily thanks to its antispasmodic and antiseptic properties and alleviates the symptoms.
Ingredients: 5 drops of rosemary and 5 drops of lemon.
When you need to concentrate mentally and need clear thoughts, this room fragrance will help.
Ingredients: 5 drops of rosemary, 2 drops of lemongrass and 2 drops of verbena.
Inhalation recommendation: effective against flu and clears your head.
Ingredients: 4 drops of rosemary in 2 liters of hot water.
Tip for a bath oil for morning grouches, for people with low blood pressure an invigorating rosemary bath in the morning is ideal, which gives strength and energy for the whole day. A few drops of rosemary are also very suitable as an addition to the shower gel for the morning shower. Ingredients: 8 drops of rosemary on 2 tablespoons of almond oil.
Caution Pregnant women in 1 - 4 months and those at risk of epilepsy must not use the oil. Toxic reaction possible in case of overdosing. Strongly stimulating.
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